Keystone Stream Team Documents


NSCD Guidelines - Entire Document:
Natural Stream Channel Design Guidelines (March 2007*) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (1.34MB)
    *This document contains all of the chapters and appendices listed below.

NSCD Guidelines - Individual Chapters:
Front Cover and Table of Contents (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (170KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction
(March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (40KB)
Chapter 2: Assessment – “Reading the River”
(March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (71KB)
Chapter 3: Meeting with the Watershed Community
(March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (46KB)
Chapter 4: Data Collection and Analysis (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (48KB)
Chapter 5: Permitting (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (52KB)
Chapter 6: Creating the Final Design (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (309KB)
Chapter 7: Selecting a Qualified Consultant (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (42KB)
Chapter 8: Construction Considerations (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (42KB)
Chapter 9: Pre- and Post-Construction Monitoring (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (42KB)
Appendix I: Helpful Tools and Data Forms (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (532KB)
Appendix II: Resource Information (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (43KB)
Appendix III: Permit Guidelines for Phased Projects (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (105KB)
Appendix IV: Costs Ranges Guidelines (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (159KB)
Appendix V: Glossary (March 2007) (Adobe Acrobat PDF) (18KB)

Spreadsheet Tool: Costs Analysis (April 2009) (Microsoft Excel) (60KB)

NSCD Bibliography:
NSCD Bibliography 09.28.05
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 32KB)

NSCD Project Form:
NSCD Project Form 04.06.05
(Microsoft Word Template, 136KB)
NSCD Project Form Notes
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 15KB)

KST Brochures:
Keystone Stream Team Brochure 12.12.06 (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 145KB)

KST Posters:
Keystone Stream Team Poster 11.18.04 (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 189KB)
Big Bear Creek Poster 09.23.04
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 211KB)

Costs Ranges Watershed Academy Presentations:
Natural Stream Channel Design Overview - Carl DeLuca (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 6.14MB)
Costs Ranges Outline - Larry Brannaka
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 371KB)
Funding Phases I and II - Gerry Longenecker & Terry Rightnour
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 9.95MB)
Funding Phases III - Gerry Longenecker & Terry Rightnour
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 6.29MB)
Funding Phase IV - Gerry Longenecker & Terry Rightnour
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 3.05MB)