NSCD Databases

The Keystone Stream Team has contracted with software engineers to develop an online database for uploading, storing and retrieving reference reach datasets from Pennsylvania stream restoration projects.  Users will be able to enter reference reach data sets in three different ways -- manual data entry (via an online form), the uploading of spreadsheets after conversion to CSV files, and uploading of RIVERMorph export files.  Ultimately, users will be able to retrieve data from projects throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The reference reach database will be accessible from the Keystone Stream Team website and should be fully operational in October of 2005.

An additional database is being developed to store general project information from Pennsylvania stream projects that incorporate FGM/NSCD design elements.  Currently, data from planned and completed projects, and Growing Greener-funded projects is being entered into the database.  A data entry form is now available for watershed association members to enter and submit their project data.  Submitted data will be entered into regional project lists (available below) and ultimately into a searchable database.

Funding for the database projects is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Reference Reach Data Repository (Stantec Website)

Pennsylvania NSCD/FGM Projects Database

Regional Curves Database (RIVERMorph Website)

Other NSCD/FGM Databases