About the Keystone Stream Team

The Keystone Stream Team (KST) was founded in 1999 for the purpose of advancing Natural Stream Channel Design (NSCD) technology in Pennsylvania.  Through its diversified membership, consisting of watershed groups, technical consultants, and state and federal agencies, KST has formulated general guidelines for applying this new technology, with the goal of returning Pennsylvania streams and watersheds to a natural, self-sustaining state. 

Natural Stream Channel Design is a new technology that continues to evolve. The KST constantly assesses this technology through its committees and workgroups, and conveys updated information through NSCD summits and the KST website. The Keystone Stream Team offers its knowledge and expertise to anyone involved in stream and watershed restoration in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Vision Statement

The Keystone Stream Team (KST) exists for the purpose of promoting theories, practices, and implementation of Natural Stream Channel Design (NSCD) projects for the enhancement of the surface water resources of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Keystone Stream Team (KST) is to work together as a resource team to foster an under-standing of the use of Natural Stream Channel Design (NSCD) by acting as a source of educational information, technical guidance, training, as well as input on the measure of success for projects that restore streams and watersheds in Pennsylvania.